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People with migraine have had a variety of ways to handle a full-blown migraine attack. We talk about cold therapy, heat, and of course shutting the blinds and pulling the blankets over our heads. However, avoiding migraine in the first place is less discussed.

For those looking for ways to help better migraine proof their home or work space, here are some tips that might help.


#1   Avoid loud sounds

Loud and repetitive sounds can trigger migraine, so limiting the amount of noise can keep a migraine in check. However, it can be difficult to do so if you are living with other people; especially if those other people are children.1


Noise cancelling headphones can be a good investment to greatly reduce loud sounds when you can’t be in a quiet place.1


Installing good rugs or insulation between walls can also cut down on the amount of noise bouncing around inside a home.1

#2   Limit impact of screen time

We live in a time where staring at screens is a necessity for work and keeping up with social connections. However, screens can be a triggering factor to the onset of a migraine attack.1 Do consider limiting the number of bright lights, blue lights or reflections from computer screens, smartphones & tablets.1 To help minimise those triggers, consider trying these options:


Anti-glare filters for computer screens can stop reflections, which can trigger migraine attacks.1


Special eyeglasses that block blue lights can help reduce the discomfort experienced by some migraine sufferers by normalising activity in the brain.2

#3   Lighting

A study on migraine triggers showed that more than a third of patients cited light as a trigger for their migraine attacks.3 In addition to the blue light it emits; fluorescent lighting can flicker and set off migraine in some people.   Here are a few things available at any hardware store that can help make your work environment more migraine friendly.


Dimmer switches can reduce lighting to comfortable levels so that people with migraine are not overpowered by bright lights.1


Warm white LEDs give off less blue light and are less likely to flicker compared to fluorescent lighting.1

#4   Manage stress

Stress is one known migraine trigger,4 and effectively managing daily stress may help with your migraine.


When you feel your stress level rising, do consider taking a quick walk to clear your head. 


Mindfulness keeps you in the moment, so that you are less likely to focus on potential negative outcomes or spiral into more stress. You can do so by taking deep breaths to calm your nervous system and help you appraise the situation.5

#5   Keep a migraine journal

Simply being more aware of your environment is one of the biggest steps you can take to make your world more migraine-friendly. Tracking your triggers especially when you sense a migraine attack coming on can help you to take control and make your home and office space less inviting to migraine.

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