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Migraine Buddy* helps people living with migraine record and identify triggers, symptoms, frequency and duration, and pain intensity and location of their migraines, as well as other lifestyle factors and any medication taken. The application, or app, then provides an accurate, easy-to-read summary for you, which you can bring to your next doctor’s appointment.

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*Healint Pte. independently developed, owns and operates Migraine Buddy.

Complete this MIDAS Quiz to see how migraine affects your life. We recommend showing your doctor these results to help them, help you.


Doctor Discussion Guide

Explaining to your doctor exactly how migraine affects you can be difficult, and leave you feeling like they don’t understand the impact it has.

When you speak to your doctor there are three key things they need to know about your migraine; the amount of migraine attacks and number of migraine affected days, migraine medication that you take, and how migraine affects your life.

The Doctor Discussion Guide can help you frame a more informed and productive conversation about migraine.