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Looking Up

Benefits of exercise:
  • Helps maintain or increase your upward neck movement.

  • Maintain neutral spine position throughout movement.

  • Ensure slow, continuous movement throughout.

Repetition recommended:
  • Remission Patient: 10 reps each time, 1 time/day

  • Flare Patient: 5 reps each time, 3 times/day

  • Option of doing it in sitting

  • If you experience dizziness, stop the exercise and contact your doctor.


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Disclaimer: This material is not meant to replace professional advice from HCPs. Please consult your doctors/physiotherapist if you have any questions or before undertaking any physical activities.

Exercises should help reduce pain/stiffness. If these symptoms worsen, please stop the exercises and consult your physician / physiotherapist. If symptoms stay the same, consider increasing 1-2 repetitions each time.